A while back I posted about the Fuzzy Dog Wash: a DIY dog wash built into an old car wash bay at the Rubber Duck Car Wash in Lower Sackville. I love the Fuzzy Dog - no mess to clean up, no trying to keep Fonzie in the bath while I give him the scrub down, and no worries about leaving soap in his fur to create dandruff and irritation - the high-power hose makes sure he is squeaky clean every time.

Last week I found myself on the opposite side of town, with a very muddy beagle, and was dreading the prospect of having to drive 20 minutes to the Fuzzy Dog & then back again to pick my other half up from work. I whipped out my phone and began searching desperately for a similar dog wash nearby.

I was in luck: just a few kilometres from where I was parked was a PetValu with an in-store DIY wash.

Now, I have been to multiple PetValu locations - for a long time, it was the only store that carried my beloved JW Pet Co. and so I made frequent trips - but I had never heard of their dog wash stations. Having been only once, I can confidently say I am converted.

The picture above shows a very unimpressed beagle in the PetValu sink/tub. It was large, with a mat in the bottom for comfort on little pooch paws and to prevent sliding.

PetValu provides everything that you could possibly need to wash your bestie: a stainless steel tub with a high-pressure hose, shampoo, a basket full of assorted scrubbers and brushes, and two or three (I believe the location I used had three) different styles of blow dryers. They also provide you with an apron to wear while you wash, to help prevent you from getting splashed !

The total cost is $10 + tax, for 30 minutes of time. This is fantastic in comparison to other DIY chains. At the Fuzzy Dog, you pay for the time you use, with a minimum cost of $5.00. I typically spend between $8 & $10 at Fuzzy Dog for between 12-15 minutes. Pets Unlimited locations here, although I’ve never utilized them myself, cost $15 for 15 minutes of wash time.

➡ If you have any information on the Pets Unlimited wash, or any other DIY washes, please fill me in!

keep clean!


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